I m a Phoenix

I might have ran away from a lot of situations,
But I know I m not a coward for sure!
I ran because I had a story which no one knew
And in that story instead of love, only hatred was pure!
I lost a friend in terms of distance, since,
He always was in front of me but wasn’t always there!
I lost a partner, someone who I loved the most
Because I never knew how to show the care!
Yes, it’s true I have been broken down into pieces,
On each and every step I took.
I know there was a pile of failures stocked only for me,
On each and every way I tried to look!
But I still remember those happy lights,
Which came into my life only for a few moments!
Those lights that were taken away from me,
Some by my people and few by opponents!
I’ll Capture all those lights one day,

Which came in front of me like flashes!

Because I m a Phoenix who knows exactly,
How to rise from the ashes!

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